Austen Power! On Masterpiece Theatre

Time to lighten things up.

Have you seen this? PBS is running a Jane-a-thon, featuring ALL of their Jane Austen adaptations this month. Okay, it's too late to see Persuasion, but there is plenty of good programming left.

This is a fun site -- check out the men of Austen and the newsletter sign-up.


Sarah said...

They're actually replaying Persuasion (on my local channel at least) after Northanger Abbey, so there's a chance you might be able to catch it after all! A fantastic way to spend an evening, I think.

Charlotte said...

I just watched the BBC's Pride and Prejudice again, in German, and have been having somewhat feverish dreams about Mr Darcy. He is the perfect hero.

Kristine said...

Luckily, I caught Persuasion. It was quite well done. I'm looking forward to Mansfield Park tomorrow.