Book banning in schools

It seems as if one school decided to hide behind rules and regulations to suspend a teacher who taught a "banned book" to her class.

Suspended, not fired, for a year and a half. No pay. Oh, thank you merciful School Board! (I think the teacher eventually resigned with a settlement.)

The banned book in question? The Freedom Writers' Diary.

The administrators reportedly objected to use of "racial slurs and sexually explicit content." While I understand teachers have to follow some rules and need to be mindful of many social issues, doesn't the positive of the book outweigh the liabilities? The students in question are high schoolars, and are probably painfully aware of violence, racism, and other social ills the book is trying to expose and challenge.

I really think our K-12 teachers are too impeded by rules and regulations. Are we dumbing down education, failing to challenge our students, and cheating them of the benefits of a true education: learning to think for oneself?

Any thoughts? Other than, like me, you'll keep your eye peeled for a copy of this book in the bargain bins.