Seen reading

Seen reading on 1/4/07, 5:45 p.m. (PST), E bus (San Francisco to Caldecott Lane)

Daniel Mason, A Far Country
Edith Wharton, Age of Innocence
Elmore Leonard, When the Women Come Out to Dance (Stories)


Thoughts for Thursday - less-than-articulate musings

Upon being catapulted unceremoniously into 2007, I’ve reflected on my past year of reading and litblogging, both of which have been illuminating in unexpected ways.

For one thing, I have a greater understanding of my reading tastes and patterns. I love nonfiction and enjoy it in great mouthfuls, like eating popcorn. Fiction, however, is like eating a seven-course, gourmet meal: I need to savor each morsel. Unlike nonfiction, which I pick up and put down whenever I feel like reading, I prefer to read fiction when there is no distraction. Hence, I read fiction at a much slower pace than nonfiction and need to set time aside for my fiction reading, if I want to make any progress in it. Maybe this isn’t a new and brilliant insight, for me or anyone else, but there’s something to be said for making an assumption a fact.

The other thing I’ve learned is that I tend to use archaic words, such as “hence” and “alas” and “hail” in my blog entries. Maybe this penchant for antiquated punch words derives from my preoccupation with all things Tudor.

And why do I use exclamation points, especially in my comments to other blog posts? I would never allow effusive punctuation to creep into my professional or fiction writing.

Only one question remains: Will I curtail these bad grammatical habits in 2007? Dunno! Heretofore, this seemed unlikely. Thence, looks like it may continue.


Months of reading for 2007

All hail to you, dear Bloggers, as we head into a brand new year of books, books, books!

This year I am trying to avoid the approach of "chasing my tail" with books -- you know the drill: hearing about a new book and immediately setting off the read it while simultaneously dropping or halfheartedly finishing a current book. Or (worse, in my view) starting too many projects (such as my goal to read through Proust, read Middle Eastern fiction and join in some blog reading challenges or groups, read new genres) and neglecting some or all.

Hence, I am planning my year of reading by month. The goal is to structure reading yet allow room for flexbility while covering coveted reading goals (such as reading the classics or essays). That is a mouthful, but I hope you get my drift. I'll report my progress, such as it may be, as the year progresses.

Here is the outline I've developed:

January – New Author Month
February – Romance is in the Air
March – Exploring Essays
April – Read a Classic Month
May – New in the Stacks
June – Summer Solstice Reading Month
July – Neglected Books Month
August – Dog Days of Nonfiction
September – RIP Challenge
October – RIP Challenge
November – Pick a Genre, Any Genre
December – Winter Solstice Short Story Month

In addition to the above, I intend to continue with the Proust Project and my Middle Eastern Fiction reading, plus add in any other books that I can fit in or which tickle my fancy. I'll report on my "New Author Month" this week.

Until then, here's to Happy Booking & Blogging in the New Year!

Well, it's 2007

I've been felled by a nasty cold, which left me voiceless from the day after Christmas until now. And I still sound like a cross between Demi Moore and a geriatric parrot. So much for getting caught up during my vacation.

And now I'm behind in the blogworld. Alas.

At least the damned holidays are over.

I think the New Year was rung in at some point, was it not? Wishing peace, health and prosperity in 2007 for all.