Best Cougar Flicks

Okay, I'm tired and out of gas. So, it's time for a Netflix list of my favorite Cougar Flicks of all time (at least, of the ones I have seen). This is chick flicks for the ages, the middle ages that is. Maybe some other nominees will bring the list to 10...

6. Mamma Mia! Very dumb, but so much fun. I want to party with those girls and guys. In sequins and platform shoes, too. Is there nothing Meryl can't do? And more of Julie Walters and Colin Firth, pleeeeaaase.

5. Thelma & Louise. You never grow out of wanting to drive a great car and be an outlaw. Especially if Brad Pitt is hitchiking. What a great road trip! Except when they shot that guy. Oh, and when they drive off the edge of the Grand Canyon. But it is all quite possibly worth being able to blow up a lewd driver's truck in the desert.

4. Educating Rita. An English Housewife breaks the mold and tries to better herslef by going to school. Julie Walters will break your heart while you laugh. See this with Mamma Mia to see how this good Walters is.

3. Shirley Valentine. Greece must be getting lots of Cougar touristas what with this film and Mamma Mia. In a nutshell, stodgy English Housewife talks to Wall as her friend because Wall is much more companionable than her surly hubby, whom she serves egg and chips. This grim existence is suddenly drenched in sunshine when said Housewife gets a trip to Greece and finds plenty of adventure. Note to self: Find reliable Greece travel agent and book tour for 50th birthday.

2. Enchanted April. If Greece isn't your thing, why not rent an Italian villa? Let the Mediterranean sun go to your head. You'll emerged transformed with a whole new set of good buddies and possibly a new lease on your sex life.

1. Out of Africa. The original Cougar Flick, still ranks tops for love, loss, adventure, and Meryl Streep. And a warm climate and a woman with a gun. This time the love interest is Robert Redford, aged but mellow like a fine Porterhouse steak. A blond Porterhouse steak.