Staggering toward normalcy

As regular readers know, I've taken a new job. The deafening silence of this blog has been due to transitioning. I don't remember other job changes feeling this difficult, but I'm sure much of the overwhelmingly blecch feeling is because I have been under duress with my previous position for so long.

So, I'm staggering toward restoring some regularity to my blogging and other areas of my life.

Somehow, in the midst of all the change, I've managed to finish several books, including For Whom the Bell Tolls, which I loved. I feel rather passe, unfashionable and middlebrow for admitting to loving Hemingway, but there it is.

For anyone interested in the Iraq situation, I highly recommend Imperial Life in the Emerald City . While heartbreaking in its outlining of exactly how Bush & Co. got it wrong in Iraq, it is important and absorbing.

I have got a lot of blog reading to catch up on! Hope all is well out there for you folks. I'll be on track, sassing about the lit scene, very soon...