'Fess Up Fridays Returns!

Might as well get back on board with this idea.

This week, I actually have something to report, too: I revived this blog and started another: Recessionista, which will follow my travails as we all slog through the economic downturn. I don't want to be a naysayer but let's face it: All of the pundits and financial gurus are even sounding a death knell to the "old" economy (built on air, anyway). I am glad that debt and credit and overspending may be going away, but the little guy will pay for all of the big mistakes that were made by Alan Greenspan, GW, and company.

Okay, I'll save that soapbox for the Recessionista blog.


LK recommends

The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga

Synopsis: A young man in India breaks out of his caste the hard way to become an "entrepreneur."

What Makes It: The voice is sharp and memorable. Think Holden Caulfield without the depression and a lot more huzpah. This debut novel won the Man Booker Prize, if that does anything for you. And the story is really intriguing...you find out more about what India is like, and also how the pitfalls of its democracy mirror our own in the States.


Happy 2009

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays.

This is my first post for a while. I will try to start anew after a rather hellish 2008. My father was very sick all year. He died in October. Between that and a really busy job, well, the blog fell to the wayside.

I could barely read a cereal box, much less keep up any kind of literary book reading!

But, I'm back and hoping to pick it all up again.

Soon I hope to be following my fellow bloggers and being a culturalish kitten once again. This year, though, my library card will need to be put to good use! Got to tighten the belt, you know.

Best wishes to all for a peaceful, prosperous and healthy 2009!