'Fess Up Fridays Returns!

Might as well get back on board with this idea.

This week, I actually have something to report, too: I revived this blog and started another: Recessionista, which will follow my travails as we all slog through the economic downturn. I don't want to be a naysayer but let's face it: All of the pundits and financial gurus are even sounding a death knell to the "old" economy (built on air, anyway). I am glad that debt and credit and overspending may be going away, but the little guy will pay for all of the big mistakes that were made by Alan Greenspan, GW, and company.

Okay, I'll save that soapbox for the Recessionista blog.


Anonymous said...

OMG you are back - hurrah! I've bookmarked Recessionista too. Welcome back to blogland - you've been greatly missed!

Andi said...

Ha! Can't wait to read Recessionista! Brillllliant title. Missed you!

Anonymous said...

You're back! And with a new blog too! Happy New Year :)

margosita said...

I'm also glad your back! I started reading just before your hiatus and I'm looking forward to starting again!