Thoughts for Thursday

I had an insight about why I am buying and hoarding books like a squirrel with its acorns before a lean winter: I think I am searching for inspiration on my own novel.

On a very subliminal level, I know what I want to do. And, every once in a while, the fog clears, the clouds part, and I can see into that subliminal level (sort of looks like the bargain basement at Filene's), and my rational mind can pick out the gem of insight from amongst the clutter. And everything comes together, purposes seem clear, the tunnel-end opens into illumination.

But, in general, my unconscious works in its own mysterious, murky and fascinating way. Which means my greedy, ever-grasping, impetuous mind has to wait and let the intuitive part work in its own fashion, in its own good time. Which makes for a schizoid-feeling LK.

This waiting and percolating part really bugs the Conscious Me. There is always that niggling fear of "I'll never write again." But, as the years have taught me, there is nothing to do but be patient.


literary bohemian said...

One thing has stood out in all the books I've read on writing. In order to be a writer you have to write. Wirte whether there is inspiration or not. The hardest part is just showing up at the page.

Eddie said...

I listened to a very good book on tape --it was Stephen King's "On Writing" and it had a lot more to say than the book, probably because Stephen king was talking, besides just being a hilarious and tragic autobiography, he talked about how much he loved to read. He made a long dreary car trip very interesting!

Gina said...

Reading is the road to writing.Problem is sometimes it's an addiction and could interfere witht the writing process.The positive is that every classic you read makes your perspective clearer.

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nova said...

I have been sharing your Thursday thoughts, and well past Thursday...

You know I've been struggling with that same question. In a way, it's answered itself. I hope your answer -- that you will most certainly write again, that you will find inspiration from all the books you've been reading -- will come sooner than you expect. You are right about being patient. I have such a hard time listening to that advice!

LK said...

LitBo, I hear you. I am simply not doing it.

Eddie, thanks, I do have that hard copy, should dip into it again.

Gina, Thanks!

Nova, you've been making progress, that's great. I hope you are right. I feel "things" bubbling below the surface. Feels like I am an anxious cook overseeing a very delicate, complex recipe to begin to boil.