New Edith Wharton biography

Everyone get in line to order the latest bio on one of America's major female authoresses. Check out what John Updike has to say in The New Yorker:

Lee is at her best with Wharton’s books. Her close and ingenious explications reveal formal patterns of design and persuasive, sometimes subtle connections with Wharton’s experiences; as with most authors, her life was her ultimate subject, whether she was projecting her imprisoning marriage and thwarted romance into the rural misery of “Ethan Frome” or using her own broad experience of authorship in the wide-ranging satire of “Hudson River Bracketed.” Lee gives the later, critically shunned novels respectful readings, and is keen enough on the short stories to rouse guilt in a susceptible breast over their less than canonical status.

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Stefanie said...

Goodie! I've heard about the book but didn't know it was out yet.

Smithereens said...

I definitely have to get it when it will be in paperback. Am currently reading EW / Henry James letters and they're very indigestible!

d. chedwick bryant said...

looks like it wil be a good read. I love Wharton's works.