Note to self: Be blogworthy

It's Friday, the whole weekend is ahead, and well, I feel compelled to do a blog entry. And avoid a) rewriting a marketing blurb b) revising a short story. Blogs are soooooo satisfactory that way.

Yet, I feel a bit guilty for indulging in this spontaneous, fairly pointless piece when so many fellow bloggers are posting clever, well-crafted, thought-provoking entries. I feel I really must up my blogging game. Starting this weekend, I vow to become blogworthy!

Who cares if I'm a soul-sucked, barren-brained corporate corpse? Other bloggers post novellas with bronchitis, broken arms, new surgery stitches, and five children, two dogs and a hungry spouse waiting in the wings! Buck up, LK! What's a little job burnout?

I shall strive to join the ranks of SuperBloggers, calling on my heroic powers to type faster than a speeding bullet and leap tall thoughts in a single bound! Despite the overwhelming sensation of having cotton-batting perpetually wrapped 'round my brain. Despite the fact that I really love to write off-the-cuff, whereby I can feel smug if the result is felicitous, justified if the work is substandard.

And I vow to improve posts not in the spirit of competition but of comraderie. I want to give to the community the way they give to me! (I am sincere here, in spite of the patented LK flipness.)

And my apologies for not having a really cool blog site. I confess: I am Technically Challenged. In two key ways: First, I am not a programming whiz who lunches on HTML soup, followed by plenty of RSS feed at dinnertime. I am lucky if I can find my computer's ON switch. Someday soon I hope to burnish my blog, clean up the typeface, give the masthead a signature Literate Kitten look and throw in some fancy sidebar tricks for good measure. That is, if I can overcome my second technical challenge: Being hampered by an aging home computer. With my iMac's scant memory fading fast, I work on my blog in dribs and drabs, in between crashes or work breaks, and sometimes flying blind without fully-loaded graphics. Soon, perhaps next week even, a kindly Techno Geek clerk at my local computer store will supply me with the proper vitamins to restore brainpower to my poor, dementiaed iMac.

How I do run on. Happy weekend to all and to all a goodnight.


Stefanie said...

Ah but I love your run ons :)

The techno stuff is easier than you think, take heart! My sympathies to your iMac. My going on 4 years old powerbook is chugging along for now, but I dread the day when it's time to upgrade, but that's what the nice folks at the Apple store are there for :)

have a good weekend!

Dorothy W. said...

I think indulgence and spontenaity are what blogs are all about! And that's what makes them fun too. Have a great weekend --

Courtney said...

I already find you MOST blogworthy. I think it's entertaining and smart and funny and you are being too hard on yourself. This blog is wonderful.

mandarine said...

I confirm the blogworthiness verdict.

I wanted to add that you do not need a fancy site nor a supercomputer to blog. This is where the sheer power of ascii comes into play -- as if our ancestors thought about computers when they invented writing. Can you imagine that an old floppy can hold the whole of Proust's Swann's Way ... three times ? For the same amount of bytes you get a lame lossy .jpg image, barely sharp enough to print a 4"x6" picture. To write Swann's Way, you only need the simplest tool in the whole software world: a text editor (notepad is what I am using right now). For all I know, a vintage '84 Mac128 would be enough for this superblog of yours.

litlove said...

LOL, LK! I think you just proved your own point there, somehow... spontaneity and a few laughs are what blogging is all about. And I sympathise with being technologically challenged. I'd love to post more photos but I've forgotten how to do it again...

renee said...

mandarine, I never thought about files that way before. I guess a picture is worth WAY more than a thousand words!

LK, the best blog posts are the ones where you share pieces of yourself. I don't think you have any trouble being blogworthy. Thanks for sharing.

bloglily said...

My dear LitKit, You make me laugh, and then quickly wonder, now what IS she going to do to her imac to make it run faster? (My own is fading fast too.) The thing I like best about blogging is that off-the-cuff stuff. It always works for me. And whether you're off the cuff or not, I always feel like it's you, your own voice, I mean -- and I like that very much. xxoo, BL

LK said...

I want to publicly thank each and every one who commented and who reads. I so much enjoy reading everyone else's blogs, and I want my blog to be an enjoyable experience, too.