Living in a post-11/2 world - from m

Dear hearts! Thank you for the words of consolation. As evidenced yesterday, it is unfortunate to learn that America has, in fact, lost her mind. What appeared to symptomatic has now revealed itself to be a full-blown case of madness.

During the day yesterday, radio announcers said, "You can bet that all those people standing out in the weather for hours on end just to cast a ballot are not doing so to tell W 'you're doing a great job.'". . the fact is, that's exactly what they were doing.

When a political machine can energize the entire central part of the nation with a campaign that offers them absolutely nothing - I mean zero - and still capture their vote, it is proof that the flawed education system in America was created solely to serve that purpose - Americans are no longer capable of reasoning, thinking or decision-making.

And, for gawd's sake, this time he won the popular vote too. . .that means that one out of every two Americans you might encounter heartily encourage deceit, thievery, pre-emptive war, destruction of the environment, dissolution of healthcare and the end of social security for our elders.

Is it all a trade for the measly $300 tax rebate they received?. . .is that all it takes to make America happy?. . .Had the world's terrorists only known, rather than killing 3000 people, they could have just given $300 to each American and taken over the country. . .pity.

So what is the climate for ex-pats in GB?. . .I'm serious. . .considering the new senator from South Carolina won on the platform that gays and single mothers should be barred from teaching in schools. . .and that the new senator from Oklahoma was accused of sterilizing patients without their knowledge and believes Drs. who perform abortions should be given the death penalty - obviously he does not recognize the irony of that position.

I'm, therefore, convinced that E, me, our other gay friends and probably quite a few sympathizers, will soon be rounded up and placed in some, rather large, fenced-in portion of Idaho, Utah, Arizona or New Mexico. . . .for "our own protection.". . .no doubt some of those procedures utilized in the Iraqi prisons will be employed to help us find our true selves. . .think hoods, batteries, testicle clamps, etc.

One of the most important exit poll issues for Americans was "moral leadership". . .and they chose the man who believes he has been sent by God to lead the people of America and, dare I say it, the world. . .some might call that a bit blasphemous, but not in America. Here, it means you can send over 1000 American boys and girls to their deaths on the strength of a lie . . oh, and God also ordered the deaths of a multitude of men, women and children in the country unjustly occupied. That must have been the work of God because our leader, in conversations with another hackneyed religious leader, insisted there would be no casualties in the Iraq occupation. . .?

Of course, we can also now look forward to having airliners raining down on us in the very near future, thanks to our choice of leaders. No doubt an all-out assault is the offing. I ordered my potassium iodide pills even before the election. . .I guess my confidence in the American people just wasn't that high. We'll stay away from crowds and tall buildings, fly as little as possible, never take a train, only drink bottled water. And we'll not travel to foreign countries for at least four years because they now presume we are ALL dangerous idiots . . .there was an excuse the first time - he stole an election he didn't win, but this time. . .well, this time, he won.

But then as the old saying goes, "fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, well, you know, you. . .I don't. . .you. . .ummm, I don't like to be fooled.. . ah-hem."


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