John Updike RIP

John Updike is dead at 76.

Okay, he was never one of my favorites. I thought the Rabbit series were okay, but generally I didn't relate well to the whole older man focused on his sexuality themes that Updike tended to focus on.

Still, you can't get away from his influence on contemporary writing.

One of my very favorite short stories, however, was written by John Updike. It is called A&P. Enjoy.


Andi said...

I've had issues with Updike's work over the years (read few of the novels, but dipped into his essays from time to time), but he's one of those writers I can appreciate for his place in American literature. "A&P" has been on my list of short stories to read for a long time. There's no better time than now.

verbivore said...

I love A & P, I think it might have been the first Updike I ever read. I agree with you about the sexuality themes getting a bit annoying - one of his more recent New Yorker pieces was horrible for that reason. But I think he will leave a small void - he was still very active and publishing regularly. Sad.

learn quran said...

I love A & P, I agree with you the sexuality themes getting a bit annoying.