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Communicating or expressing creativity requires an every-day-warriorship-courage. It is so vulnerable. It is bold to create despite the wave of critics and naysayers, the avalanche of "shoulds" and comparisons. The haters are always out there hatin' so loudly. To express anyway takes guts. Just to create, just to communicate is somehow so innocent and so bold. It requires a tolerance for allowing our art of Self to be seen in ways we may not like. But in our warrior-heart, we have room to do that. There we can find we are living for something more important than other people's approval or understanding. We are expressing things for goodness sake and that is enough. Our art can be set free into the world as it is. It (and we) can be like a mirror accommodating whatever projections are set upon it without losing anything, without falling into confusion. That is a heroism that is rarely noted, but makes the difference between a life of suffering and a life of satisfaction.

From Joy, Sorrow and Everyday Warriorship
By Tröma Rigtsal Rinpoche


mari said...

Beautiful quote. Lately, I feel the haters have been hatin' too loudly. I got earplugs but that didn't help. I realized I just had to look in another direction.

darkorpheus said...

So true.

Welcome back to the blogsphere.

Pete Moring. said...

I have to empathise with this post.
'Poets' and 'thinkers' in general are given a hard time.

Coincidentally, I've just posted 'The light of Life' on my own blog 'The Poetslodge' which expresses almost identical sentiments.

What do they say?
Great minds think alike?


Fools seldom differ.

I'd like to think it's the first.

Nice one,


Andi said...

Wonderful wonderful passage. Thank you for posting it for us. It's good to "see" you!

Anonymous said...

Oh... Taking a breath... Beautiful quote.

dennis said...

Dennis doesn't listen to others. Unless they are complimenting him and saying he's pretty .