'Fess Up Friday: Beginnings

'Fess Up Fridays are intended to be a way for me and other struggling writers to post our weekly efforts toward writing, be they nonexistent, miniscule, or breathtaking breakthroughs. I'm hoping this will keep writing top of mind for me and others, and inch us closer to meeting our writing goals.

Having blathered all of that, this week's report is full of vigorous toeing of waters: Exhausting but you don't actually get immersed.

1. Reading. I started two new mysteries, The English School of Murder by Ruth Dudley Edwards and The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz. And I bought Don't Murder Your Mystery by Chris Roerden, a how-to on writing murder mysteries. This is all to learn about the craft, get inspired, get ideas. So far, I'm learning more about what I do NOT want to do.

2. Clip file. I started a clip file for news items, author interviews,book reviews -- anything essentially that catches my interest as possible plots or characters. I found this great interview of Cara Black, which gives me some insight on how one writer, at least, approaches her material.

3. Working space. A friend of mine, in an hour, whisked about my sun room to create a working space for me (I've only lived there five years!). And I set up Airport so my computer doesn't have to remain tethered to a dark corner of my apartment, where the cable umbilical is.

So, there you have it! Next week I will write something, if if only for 10 minutes.

Hope the other 'Fessers in the club have inspiring reports.

The best writing tip of all: Sit.


Eva said...

I'm not a writer, but I wanted to wish you good luck with your own writing. :) Mysteries are one of my favourite genres!

litlove said...

Good preparation is surely half the work, LK, no? I'll confess that I've spent the week trying to write and having conversations in my head with Saint Joan of Acocella. I say, what do you think of this sentence, Joan? And then she says 'too florid' and I rewrite it. It's like having a childhood invisible friend, only more useful!

Good luck with your writing, LK. I'm sure it will be wonderful.

Jade Park said...

Great idea--I hopped on your wagon. :)

And I wish you good luck in your writing--setting up space is very important!

Anonymous said...

Poised -- that's what you are LK! On the brink...

I have a half hour glass on my desk and when I go down to my room to write I turn it over and give myself 30 minutes to do all the cleaning/clearing/clipping/reading tasks that help me settle down to putting words on the page.

I feel like my dog sometimes, turning around in my little dog bed, pushing and tugging the pillows around until things are just right and then I can settle down to the real business. In my case, that's writing, in his case, that's sleeping. It's good to try not to get those two very different tasks mixed up.

Dorothy W. said...

I love the idea of Fess Up Friday! If I were writing something, I'd certainly join you. I look forward to reading everyone's updates and hearing about everyone's progress.

LK said...

Eva, I hope you can recommend some good mysteries for me!

Litlove, as long as Joan doesn't talk back, I think you are okay. :)

Jade Park, sure, welcome aboard. I hope the workspace setup is a good sign, not just more futzing...

Bloglily, that's a good tip. I will try it. Maybe I can amass tips once the Fessing Up is really underway!

Dorothy, as a reader and teacher, I'm sure you'll have many insights to contribute to us poor old slavering writers.