6 Literary Quirks

Thanks to Snacky Wombat, I've been tagged for this meme. 6 Boring Quirks About Me.

Now, you don't REALLY want to hear BORING quirks about me, do you? If I were you, I'd want to hear JUICY SCINTILLATING quirks. However, I'm not going to give you either. I'm going to change up the rules just a touch and go with 6 Literary Quirks About Me. Just so it's all in the family.

1. I'm an education junky. If I could go to school for the rest of my life, I would. I would earn more MAs 'cos they are more fun than BAs or PhDs.

2. I can't seem to finish a Faulkner novel all the way through. Think I finished As I Lay Dying maybe in high school. But I tend to start and stop. I get all lost, as if I'm sleepwalking or something. Love his short stories, though.

3. I can't get into chick lit. I'm a chick, I like lit. But can't seem to stand the combo between book covers. I think it has something to do with the cover design: hot pink titles with excessive curlicue typefaces and cute graphic drawings of cartoon chicks running around frantically shopping or solving murders or clubbing their boyfriends into submission or whatnot. What would they have done with Jane Eyre, do you think?

4. I do most of my reading in bed, before going to sleep. I don't think it helps my insomnia. But I have gotten through two volumes of Proust that way.

5. I have trouble marking pages. Maybe it's a leftover from my Catholic schoolgirl days, but I feel as if I'm vandalizing a book if I mark in ink or highlighter or even pencil. No, no: Desecration is more like it.

6. But I love reading notes from previous readers. Margin notes, dedications, anything marked up by previous owners or readers of the book make me happy. I like feeling a literary link with someone I don't even know.

Here are the rules for this meme:

Tell about six unspectacular quirks of yours (literary, if you so choose)
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Uh, I am tagging the first six people who see this. You know who you are.


Courtney said...

Faulkner absolutely leaves me in a similar trance. I've never posted on it because I am EMBARRASSED. How can one be in a trance from him? And yet, I am. Great post - I don't do well with keeping track of page numbers, either, and most of my reading happens in bed...

Brandon said...

No Faulkner?

You are dead to me.

No amount of purring is going to change that, kitty cat.

-enter angry emoticon here-

Dark Orpheus said...

I shudder at the idea of Jane Eyre marketed as chick-lit. Please don't even suggest it, because it looks like it is going to happen.

Oddly, I can't read chick-lit, yet I can watch chick-flicks.

And now I desire to write a chick-lit just for the heck of it. :)

Dorothy W. said...

I agree with you about education; I hadn't thought about MAs being better than the other two, but you are absolutely right -- to go around collecting MAs would be great!

Danielle said...

I think I could go to school forever, too, I just don't want to write the papers that go along with it. I would be happy to read/discuss and hear the lectures, however. And I can't write in my books either!

LK said...

Alas, fair Brandon, we do judge people by their books sometimes more than their covers.

I could make Finishing Faulkner one of my reading goals this year, if I didn't think merely reading was going to be enough of a goal during this crazy year.

It's a quirk, what can I say? Better than picking my teeth with matches. At least, in some circles.

snackywombat said...

so glad you got to this. and since you mention opening up your manuscript again, it's good practice to remember it's the most boring quirks that make a character the most real, right?

and i'm so with on the chick lit. the collection of stories called 'this is not chick lit' was probably one of the most uplifting reads in a while. there are great women writers now who aren't writing drivel!

d. chedwick said...

First off, Snacky Wombat is a killer name--The best!

I agree with you on faukner--I only read As i lay dying too!

we agree on chick lit. some of it is written so that you dislike every character. who can read that?

verbivore said...

My brain is now filled with different (all equally horrible) versions of Jane Eyre marketed as chick lit. I would laugh if I didn't feel so much like crying. Also cannot get into chick lit.

dennis said...

Dennis doesn't understand Faulkner but is working his way through all of Hawthorne and he's good!

Dennis does not care for Chick lit, but Chicken lit, with gravy sounds good.

Zola -The Belly of Paris.... nice food in that book!

damned_cat said...

ooh, i can't do faulkner. maybe i'll pick him up when i myself lie dying.

in the meantime, my results :)