Thoughts for Thursday - Pan con tomate

I couldn't eat a whole lot in Spain due to the traveler's bug, but I could eat this. It's tasty, fast, simple. Thought I'd share with you today. Trust me: Delicioso!

slices of thick, rustic style bread
cloves garlic peeled and cut in half
small ripe red tomatoes cut in half*
extra-virgin olive oil
coarse salt or sea salt

*For the best flavor, use vine-ripe tomatoes, preferably home grown ones.

Grill the bread approximately 2 to 4 minutes per side on a barbecue or toast it lightly in the oven. Bread doesn't need to be toasted, either.

Next rub 1/2 clove of garlic over one side. Use a fresh piece of garlic for each slice.

Rub a cut tomato over the bread, pressing firmly to push the pulp into the bread, until the toast is covered with tomato; discard the skins and remaining pulp.

Drizzle olive oil over the bread and tomatoes; sprinkle with salt and if you'd like, add a couple grinds of fresh pepper. It's fun to serve guests with their own slices, garlic, tomatoes and a supply of olive oil and salt so everyone can make their own.

I suppose you can add manchego cheese, chorizo, or jamon -- but it's really quite good on its own.


Yogamum said...

I love pan con tomate! I was in Barcelona over 10 years ago, and I still remember the wonderful taste.

bloglily said...


LK said...

Lukcy you, Yogamum!

Bloglily, I hear ya. It's simple and totally yummy.

Tara said...

Oh yum. We do grilled bread with olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper, but never with a cut tomato. Will have to try that next summer.

Bookgirl's Nightstand said...

So delicious! Did you get to try the Spanish Tortilla? I love it. Oh and Paella too. Ok, now I'm getting hungry :)

LK said...

Tara, grilling sounds good. I didn't have grilled in Spain, at least not this time.

Bookgirl, I couldn't eat anything! What is a Spanish tortilla? I missed paella, too. The only things I could eat most were past with tomato sauce, tomato bread or cheese pizza. Though I did have shoo-shoos in Girona. More on that in a future post...

Bookgirl's Nightstand said...

The tortilla is somewhat like an omelette. It's so delicious. I can't believe you got sick on your trip... That's terrible. I guess this means you just have to go back so you can sample the goodies :)