Thoughts for Thursday - Cool link

This is my final post before my two-week vacation...so I'll leave you with a cool link provided to me by an anonymous friend. Here is a description of what you'll find:

Welcome to the ArcaMax Book Club. We offer the largest collection of free classic books by email. Sign up to as many classic books as you want. For each subscription, you'll receive the full text free by e-mail -- one chapter per day. You'll also get weekly updates of the newest books.

Personally, I am not sure I could read Dracula by email! But for plays, poetry, and short stories, this seems like a viable format. It also is a way to check out classics you're unfamiliar with.

The site has some fun features, too -- forums and quizzes. Take this one to test your knowledge of poetry! (I'm pretty sure I will stink; I've never been good at pulling quotes out of my arse.)

Happy reading in the meantime! See you soon!


Dorothy W. said...

I don't think I could read long books that way either -- but short things, maybe, like you. But I don't really like reading literature online ... I'll stick to paper. Anyway, have a great trip!

stefanie said...

Thankd for the link. It looks sort of like dailylit. Hope you have a great vacation!

Nonanon said...

Hm, I don't know if I could read a whole book that way either, but I think I might try...thanks for the link. Also, have a great two weeks off!

bloglily said...

LK, That quiz gave me a major, major GRE English subject test flashback.

Have a wonderful time, and looking forward to posts from abroad. Lucky you to be in sunny climes this time of year.

xo, BL

Smithereens said...

Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy Spain! (too fearful to try the poetry quizz)

Andi said...

I'm right there with ya. I couldn't handle a whole classic by e-mail, but for shorter stuff if would be perfect! Thanks for the link!