Thoughts for Thursday - A guzzle of dyspepsia

Dyspeptic. Isn't that a good word? Means both "indigestion" and "disgruntled." I like a word that is a multi-tasker. Barkeep! Another round of dyspepsia! And fresh horses for the men!


There are none so blind...as those trying out new contact lenses. I've been on these new soft lenses that are like putting half a grapeskin into each eye in order to try to correct my failing nearsightedness while still addressing my woefully inadquate farsightedness. The half-a-grapeskin solution is in lieu of 1) adjusting to bi- or tri-focal glasses or b) permanently searing my corneas with laser surgery. I am holding out that the lenses will eventually work, but now everything is sort of hazy, like through a sheet of Saran Wrap. This isn't a good view for an editor...


Oh, lists are fun. Especially when they are lists of the favorite movie adaptations by prominent intellectuals. Now I can have a TBV (to be viewed) list in addition to my old standby, the TBR list.

I am going to start another list, that of the "most adaptable author." And for me, gotta go with Henry James. "The Heiress," "The Innocents," and "Wings of a Dove" are all excellent films. E.M. Forster comes in second, with "Passage to India," "Room with a View," and "Maurice." Please feel free to join in with your favorite adaptable authors.


Brandon said...

You just reminded me that I need to pick up "Wings of the Dove." Thanks!

As for the contacts, I used to wear them, but I've since reverted to glasses. I'm lazy. When I wore contacts, I never even took them out. I went a year without removing them at all. I slept with them still in and everything. Then my eyes started burning. I was in agony for several hours. I finally took them out and my eyes were red for days. Never again. Glasses forever!

Charlotte said...

I agree, dyspepsia is a great word. It works for its money.

Hope those soft contacts work out. There's nothing worse than not being able to see.

litlove said...

I love my contacts, so hang in there - in time the mists will clear. You know, Dickens and Austen have both had a LOT of movies made out of their work, or in Austen's case also, about their life. But I'm with you on Forster and James. I don't suppose we're counting Danielle Steele and made for TV movies, are we? ;)