New Author Month - Quote from Atwood

It's the end of January, but I'm not quite finished with Cat's Eye and Negotiating with the Dead. Enjoying them immensely, however, and should finish up over the weekend. February -- and romance -- is at hand!

Until then, I thought I'd share a quote from Atwood's writing essays in Negotiating with the Dead:

What is the relationship between the two entities we lump under one name, that of "the writer"? The particular writer. By two, I mean the person who exists when no writing is going forward -- the one who walks the dog, eats bran for regularity, takes the car in to be washed, and so forth -- and that other, more shadowy and altogether more equivocal personage who shares the same body, and who, when no one is looking, takes it over and uses it to commit the actual writing.

Isn't that true? Oh, by the way: I received another piece of fan mail from someone who read several of my short stories. Very nice. Fan mail makes both my entities feel more like "writers".

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Judytta said...

I was red Atwood:

1."The Robber Bride"

2."The Edible Woman"

3."The Blind Assassin"

Ad 1. and 3. book was for me a