Thoughts for Thursday - more great picks from 2006

Although Swann's Way blew the competition away for the Best Read of '06, other favorites do come to mind. How do I determine a favorite? Easy. If I can still remember the title, without looking at my list for prompting, then it managed to retain its hold in my subconscious despite the strain and stress of everyday life -- that's a good read.

Here are my other picks for 2006:

1. Never Let Me Go. Kazuo Ishiguro is one of my favorite contemporary authors, simply on the basis of the two books I've read. I loved Remains of the Day, loved this book. The prose and stories of these two novels couldn't be more different, but they both are so excellent, I am simply going to add one of his other novels to my 2007 reading list.

2. Turn of the Screw. I was frustrated by his ambiguous prose, but this one wouldn't let go of my psyche. Oh, Henry, what have you done to me!

3. Big Sur and The Dharma Bums. Kerouac deserves a two-for-one. His exuberance just crashes forth from the pages.

1. Marching into Sunlight. Maraniss takes two unrelated events -- the start of the Vietnam War protests in the States and a turning-point battle in 'Nam -- that happened on the same day, and produces some new insights on this war. (And more reasons why no one should be listening to Dick Cheney.)

2. The February House. I'm a sucker for tales of literary cliques, groups or cabals, and the group in The February House ranks as one of the quirkier bunches. Fun read.

3. Man's Search for Meaning. There's a reason why classics never go out of style.


Courtney said...

Marching into Sunlight sounds like a great read - it's going on my 2007 TBR pile!
This year was an odd reading year for me - hope to do better in 2007!

Lisa said...

I also loved Never Let Me Go this year. What a concept!

LK said...

Courtney, I would recommend Marching into Sunlight, definitely.

Lisa, I can't wait to read more Ishiguro.

Dorothy W. said...

I've got Never Let Me Go on my shelves, and I'd love to read it -- but so many more wonderful-looking things are there too!

Nessie said...

I have a fun time walking my bookshelves and seeing the ones I love and the ones I come to love eventually. Usually after seeing someone read a book I have read & discussing it (some of it anyways) I come to realize how amazing the text actually was.

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

I haven't read any of these! Ugh! Definitely I'll add them to my TBR Mountain on your word!!!


Pauline said...

I loved "Never let me go" and "the Turn of the screw" too. Both are great psychological fictions with a fantastic twist, one on the gothic side, the other on the SF side. I never tackled Kerouac before, I should give it a try.

LK said...

Dorothy, if you get a chance, I recommend Never Let Me Go -- when you are in the mood for speculative fiction perhaps.

Nessie, I am still making discoveries! I swear, I could open a bookstore in my living room.

Goddess, any and all I definitely recommend. February House is a fun place to start.

Pauline, what are you waiting for?!!! Kerouac is a gem. I think I am up for Visions of Cody next.

danielle said...

I also loved Never Let Me Go and The Turn of the Screw (do you still want to read Portrait of a Laady?). I want to read The February House--that sounds good!