More holiday gift giving ideas

Don't you love the holidays? The perfect excuse to give such fun, goofy presents to family and friends (or yourself). Here are some stocking stuffer ideas for the literary in your life.

Jane Austen Action Figure. Just the thing for a writer's desk, to inspire prosody and whatnot. Of course, there's also the Bronte mousepad. Surely, those three stern faces exhorting you to write could get those fingers flying over your keyboard!

These Little Women gift cards are great.

The Disappearing Civil Liberties Mug. Pour in a hot beverage and watch your civil liberties disappear! For the environmentalist, consider the Global Warming mug.

Inspire your child with a Shakespeare infant bodysuit or a Bauedelaire hoodie.

If you really want to blow a literary geek's mind, buy one of these. Crass commercialism at its best!

And here are two awesome holiday ideas I purloined from BookGirl:

Great Author pot belly figure (the Shakespeare figure is my personal fave).

"I read Banned Books bracelet." What a way to accessorize.


Brandon said...

This doesn't qualify as a stocking-stuffer, but the T-shirts over at literaryrags.com look like the perfect presents for us bookworms! Personally, I like the Dante, Hemingway, George Orwell, and Jane Austen shirts. And the Shakespeare shirt would be cooler if they'd picked a better quote for the back.

litlove said...

I'd really like a Jane Austen action figure. I have a Freud one, and a Nancy Pearl one. Nancy is constantly telling Freud to shush, so I think they might both benefit from the serene and reconciliatory presence of Jane Austen!

BikeProf said...

I have the Edgar Allan Poe action figure (it terrifies my students!), but I'm not sure he would get along with Jane. I do like the pot belly figures.

Stefanie said...

I would so love the Jane Austen action figure! I've got Shakespeare and Nancy Pearl. Jane would get along great with them :)

Anonymous said...

I love your gift giving ideas!!! I can't wait to give my sis-in-law the Jane Austen action figure! She's going to love it and I'm going to have to get one for myself while I'm at it!!!

iliana said...

That Jane action figure is too cute!