Holiday gift giving ideas

I like this gift idea from Salon:

Organize your friend's bookshelves -- by color, by size, by theme, or alphabetically, whatever she wants. Find a snowy Sunday, turn on "The Wedding Singer," "Prairie Home Companion" or the Ramones, and do the job your friend has always meant to do, but didn't have the time.

You can find an all-purpose, foolproof coupon to send, plus other ideas for bookworms here.

This is also cool: Designing your own book covers. Alas, couldn't find one for the USA Group.

And, not literary but oh-so-cool: Suburban Toile!


iliana said...

Love the list although I don't think I'd let anyone organize my bookshelves. That's giving someone a lot of power over my books :)

I'd go with the book tote. Can't have enough of those to lug around to the library or book sale.

Anonymous said...

Hey LK. Just noticed you are in Berkeley.. I am in Livermore... wondering if you are in an "actual" face to face bookclub. I'm always looking for a good one in the bay area, and haven't found one yet...any ideas?? You can email me if you want...

Carl V. said...

Doing something for someone really is a wonderful Christmas gift!

Courtney said...

Love that idea! Wouldn't it be fun if those of us in the blogosphere could meet and do that for one another?

LK said...

Iliana, I understand the feeling. You'd have to find someone bookworthy!

Lisa, I am not in a book club, but I'll email you...maybe we could organize one.

Carl, I agree. Better than consumimg, consuming, consuming.

Courtney, that would be great. Although I understand Iliana's point about not wanting your precious books sullied by uncaring hands, I think it would be a different story if a fellow bookophile helped.