Thoughts for Thursday - How to earn a living

Help me out here.

Let's say: You want to write fiction.

You have won some awards, had publications, encouraging murmers from agents. But not Guggenheims or NEA awards or anything like that.

But even without being a Top Banana, you want to write.

And you gotta earn a living. No inheritance, no savings, no rich spouse in the wings.

What would you do?


BikeProf said...

Rob a bank? Cuddle up to some ancient, doddering tycoon, marry him, and then off him? For me, teaching seems to work.

Yogamum said...

I was kind of in the same situation, years ago and decided to get a Ph.D. in English and be a professor. It didn't work out for various reasons...and totally set me back as a writer.

If I had to do it again, I would totally get something like CPA degree and be a freelance accountant, try to control my own hours, work like a demon during tax season and write in the off season.

Anonymous said...

Do something mindless for a job (that you don't have to take home with you at night) so you can pay the bills, and then spend the rest of your time writing! A coworker of mine is a poet and he won some sort of grant--I don't know anything about grant writing, but maybe you could try and win one of those to give you some time away from work and still be able to eat!

Anonymous said...

LK, I'll keep an eye on this post. I'm definitely looking for good ideas there... Btw, forget CPA: it's downright boring and there are long hours too!

LK said...

Oy, BikeProf says teaching, Yogamum says no. I can't be a CPA, unless that stands for "Can't Possibly Add." In which case I could also be a CPS.

Danielle, you are on the right track, I believe...I think William Faulkner was a night security guard when he wrote As I Lay Dying. I'll start toeing the waters on grants, too.

Anonymous said...

Danielle has got it right. Do something to pay the bills. Get rid of your TV and any other thing that is wasting your time. Make a commitment to a time when you absolutely are going to write. Then do it.

LK said...

Magichands, I know you are right abuot TV....I know, I know, I know....Next week, when I get some time off and my new computer up and running, there are NO MORE excuses for me.