13 classics to read

I’m borrowing this idea (modified somewhat) from SFP over at Pages Turned. I’m committing to Proust in 2007, with Eliot and Melville the next highest priorities. My criteria: 1) I focused on world lit, not simply English lit, and a smattering of time periods 2) I excluded works by authors I seek out, such as Virginia Woolf 3) I included lit I would actually read. For example, I don't think I will ever read Ulysses or Finnegan's Wake, even if Moses had engraved it on a stone tablet along with the 10 Commandments.

13 fiction classics I’d like to read (someday)
1. In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower. Proust (part of Proust project)
2. Middlemarch. Eliot (silly me!)
3. Moby-Dick. Melville (started this year and dropped the ball)
4. The Sound and the Fury. Faulkner (I keep trying on this one…)
5. Robinson Crusoe. DeFoe (a classic that could actually be fun)
6. Tess of the D’ubervilles. Hardy (pretty much haven’t touched Hardy)
7. Portrait of a Lady. James (‘nuff said)
8. The Divine Comedy. Alighieri (a must, if you’re a member of the human race)
9. Tales from the 1001 Nights. Anonymous (ditto)
10. Don Quixote. Cervantes (double ditto)
11. The Iliad. Homer (triple ditto)
12. Fahrenheit 451. Bradbury (I avoid sci-fi, so wanted to include this genre)
13. The Stranger. Camus (if GW can read it, so can I!)


bloglily said...

What an enticing list! I love lists. Still, I've just looked myself in the mirror and realize I'll be lucky to get through one Fat Book in the next year. The Three Musketeers, I'm thinking.

Brandon said...

I read "The Stranger" about a month ago and I loved it! It's one of my favorites.

Dorothy W. said...

Nice list! Yay for Don Quixote -- perhaps we can have a Don Quixote reading blog or group or something. Oh, wait, I have too many blogs going on already. Hmmm.

LK said...

Bloglily, I love lists too! They're so....comforting.

Brandon, good, that'll get me motivated.

Dorothy, oh, what's one more blog? It's either Don Q or Portrait of a Lady...which do you prefer?

litlove said...

Great list, LK. I must stop reading these as they keep giving me more ideas for classics to add to the already groaning pile I'm hoping to get through. I'd love to read Don Quixote, but I'm afraid of its length. Couldn't agree more with you about Ulysses!

Courtney said...

Great list! I'm really looking forward to the winter classics challenge come January (I think it's five books?) - you've given me more ideas to add to my list!

iliana said...

Very cool list. Tess would definitely be on my too. I think I'll have to borrow this idea and post it too :)

Stefanie said...

Great list! I hope you like Fahrenheit 451. It's one of my favorites.