It happened

Last night. The most awful thing. Well, not most awful. But pretty darn awful.

I could not read.

I got into bed, snuggled in for my usual read, opened a book and--gibberish. Couldn't focus on one sentence. Put that down and picked up another. Same thing. Another. Ditto. On and on it went through seven books of various weights, topics, genres.

Just too exhausted.


Let's see what happens tonight.


Stefanie said...

Oh no! Hope tonight goes better!

AC said...

I hate it when that happens. :(

It will get better. Today is a new day.

Carl V. said...

Hope you come back to focus tonight!!!

Dorothy W. said...

Yes, echoing the others -- I'm sure things will get better!

bloglily said...

Ah, Ms. Litkit -- That is a sign, from the beyond, that you need to WRITE! Or else you need to drink some tea, have a lovely night's sleep and wake up, refreshed, ready to spend the weekend in your nightgown, wafting around the house with toast in one hand, a book in the other. Either way, words will be yours again soon.