Naguib Mahfouz (1911-2006)

Naguib Mahfouz was not only one of the best Arab writers, certainly, but also one of the best writers of the 20th century.

I'm currently reading fiction of the Middle East, as a way of understanding what is happening there. In addition to 'In the Eye of the Sun' and 'Beirut Blues,' I am adding to the list Mahfouz's 'Children of Gebelawi,' in honor of his passing.

Rest in peace. Thank you for your wonderful books.


Anonymous said...

I just heard about this. I've read Palace Walk several years ago and was thoroughly enchanted with it. Is there one of his books you recommend most?

LK said...

You might read the rest of the Cairo Trilogy, which follow Palace Walk: Palace of Desire and Sugar Street. He has a book of short stories, The Time and the Place (1992).

Anonymous said...

Someone sent me Midaq Alley, The Thief and the Dogs, and Miramar a few weeks ago (all three books in one nice paperback with an introduction to Miramar by John Fowles.) I think this will be up after the Three Musketeers. He was indeed a fine person, someone who stood up to the Egyptian government, and a wonderful writer.

Anonymous said...

I just heard about this also. How sad. This is another author I have always looked at at the bookstore and contemplated buying, but never got around to. I need to remedy this.