Thoughts for Thursday

In cultural and literary references, Thursday gets short shrift.

Think about it: Other days of the week garner a lot more attention. There's Monday, which everyone sings the blues about. Tuesday is, in our opinion, undeservedly popular: You’ve got Mardi Gras, for starters, and Ruby Tuesday and Tuesday afternoons and Tuesday Weld. Wednesday: Hump Day – ‘nuff said. Everyone thanks their god when it’s Friday. And then we have the crowning jewel of calendar days, The Weekend, of which Saturday and Sunday are held sacred in many contexts, including that ultimate bid for immortality, an Elton John song.

Thursday got a Last Supper. Two thousand years ago. No fries.

Clearly this is a day that needs to up its game in the annals of time. We think Thursday ought to be reckoned with for what it is, the day that kicks back the rest of the week like a stiff drink.

So, in our Literate Kittenish way, we will honor Thursdays with random musings and general observations (except when we’re out of town). Feel free to join in.

Any other thoughts on Thursday?


Kate S. said...

There's always Thursday's Child ("inclined to thieving" in the old nursery rhyme), a children's novel by Noel Streatfeild. And, more recently, Thursday Next, the heroine of Jasper Fforde's bookish series which began with The Eyre Affair. Maybe Thursday is making up a bit of ground on the literary front!

LK said...

I KNEW I was surfing on the crest of another trend! :)

Stefanie said...

Kate beat me to Thursday Child and Thursday Next. That's what I get for being behind!

Anonymous said...

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