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Check out this story in the New York Times:


Now, it’s astonishing to the LitKit that Bush was elected strictly because he’s likable (which is questionable unless you like men who are proud that they don't read and who can fish) and that people dislike the influences of Hollywood and popular culture on morals. Yet, isn’t voting for a president based on his personality versus his policy buying directly into the Hollywood culture? That is, you apply entertainment and advertising standards – what’s easy, what’s on the surface, what makes you feel good – to sound governance and long-term thinking? (The natural extension, of course, is to elect another former actor; this time, however, to elect one we have to change the Constitution. But all signs show that Arnold S. can rake in the popularity and protector chips just on his persona--this one manufactured straight out of LA--and nothing else.)

The gist of the poll then is that while Bush supporters think he’s a good chap, they don’t particularly like his proposed policies. And, while they think he can be a good protector and leader and moral influence, they don’t want to radically change the laws. Doesn’t this sound suspiciously like a teenager who wants his father to provide a roof over his head and bail him out of trouble, yet doesn’t want to obey all the rules?

It’s just one more example of the adolescent mentality Americans seem to be mired in. If they want to talk on their cell phone or blast their stereos, they will and to hell with what others think. If they want to spend millions of dollars on violent or silly movies and games and sports instead of education, then they will—and if foreign citizens get our jobs and go to our colleges, well, that’s a bummer and somebody should do something, like bomb the hell out of a country. That also will work to get oil for our big gas-sucking cars. And if we want our kids to have the latest Beanie Baby or Barbie Doll or GI Joe or Nikes or Sketchers, then we have every right to it, and if we want to watch MTV and Monday Night Football and Sex and the City, well, dammit we can—and then we can elect a president who can make us feel like we’re doing something about morals instead of doing something ourselves.

And let’s just kick the ass of any country we even think has a terrorist or a bomb or anything that could interrupt my kid’s soccer game. Why do they hate us anyway? Because of Hollywood and violence and Taco Bells and all of the other crap we are foisting upon the world in the name of freedom and democracy? Consequences? We don't need no stinkin' consequences!

Wake up, America. If 9/11 wasn’t enough, what will be?

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