8 Random Things about Little Ole Me

Amanda A. at The Blog Jar tagged me on this meme, but I state unequivocately that I cannot top her list!

Hard to come up with much; I'm neurotic, but only in the most mundane sort of way. But here goes.

8 Random Things About Me

1. I studied French for 8 years.
2. I adore handbags. I think because they can be pretty and frivolous yet practical. And you don't have to stand in front of a mirror and try them on.
3. I never flew on an airplane until I was 21.
4. I once backed into the car of the German Ambassador who was visiting Arizona. He said never mind, everything was covered.
5. Two high-powered publishing agents have contacted me (well, I was referred to one by an author who admired my work) about publishing a novel, yet I still have managed not to finish one. That is random AND pathetic.
6. My mother had 4 children in five years: Two boys and two girls. I'm the third child, first girl.
7. Both sets of my grandparents came from Poland.
8. In high school I played Liat in South Pacific. I wore a really long black wig like Cher and got to dress skimpily and kiss a really cute boy in front of a live audience (including parents and nuns). That was pretty fun.

Okay, lest I break the circle and forget to tag others: Courtney, Yogamum, Ched, Verbifore, Litlove -- you are it!


Literary Feline said...

That was nice of the Ambassador to let it go. I once backed a business car into a wall. Not hard enough to cause any damage to the car or the wall, but boy was I embarrassed!

Dorothy W. said...

Four children in five years! Wow, what was that like growing up with siblings so close in age?

danielle said...

Are you reading Proust in French? That would be too cool. I took French in high school and one year in college, then two years of German, lived a year in Austria. And can I remember either language? Of course not! I have a hard time choosing handbags. I only have one, but I think I should find something particular for summer. It will take me all summer to find one I like!

Brad said...

I'm jealous of your capability to read French. I would love to be able to read books in their original language. My wife loves handbags (and shoes)too- which is ok becuase she gets a handbag and I get books without guilt.

litlove said...

Yay! I'm tagged, thank you! Handbags are wonderful, I love them too, and my husband identified very strongly with your sibling situation. He is third of four children with one born every 2 years almost exactly! As for car accidents, their likelihood increases the more potentially embarrassing the situation!

Amanda A. said...

I flew on a plane for the first time at the age of 22. I was so excited. However, after takeoff, I realized it was just like bumping along in a bus. I figured it would feel like Top Gun or something. :) Thanks for playing!!!

d. chedwick bryant said...

your ambassador incident reminds me I the time I backed into... and I thought I had forgotten. details tomorrow.

d. chedwick bryant said...

Actually I just finished posting my meme, and decided to only include one vehicular goof up, the second one happened right after the first one--which I posted about.

thanks for tagging me, it was fun to stroll down memory lane.. heh

LK said...

Literary Feline, I think the diplomat got diplomatic immunity or something, but still: he could have been snotty about it.

Dorothy, you know, I think I've blocked out a lot of my childhood. My mother was very high strung (as you might expect). Despite sharing close quarters during our developmental years, my sister and I are still close, though.

Danielle, would that I could read Proust in his original language. The Grieve translation especially bothered me, as I felt it was clunky and, at times, I did wonder what the original phrasing or word choice was. But I have let my French skills slip away.

Brad, I am lucky that I can indulge in both books and bags.

Litlove, oh, I see how your husband can relate! There are both positive and negatives to being the so-called "invisible child." I enjoyed flying under the radar...

Amanda, my first plane ride was to Atlanta, Ga., and my ears just about exploded from the change in air pressure. Thanks for the tag!

Ched, can't wait to read your list. I don't know what made me think of the car accident, except that it was weird. And my visiting parents were in the car, I might add!

stefanie said...

Wow! Four kids in five years, I can't imagine. Very nice of the German Ambassador to not give you a hard time. Any pictures you can share of you dressed as Liat?